Greta Schraufnagel

Director of Sales & Marketing


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Greta is a GA Peach, born and raised, with a background in promotions and online marketing, including web and graphic design. She has been with QTS for 5 years and along with several other responsibilities, her areas of expertise include marketing, social media management, product sales management, and customer service.

Like her father (Mike), she has entrepreneurial blood and when she isn’t busy working hard for QTS, Greta is also a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Counselor, and Professional Organizer. She finds it to be very fulfilling to help others in their transformation journey’s.

Greta enjoys spending time with her family, serving in the media and music ministries at her church, pursuing a healthier and active lifestyle, listening to and playing music, reading, traveling, and watching movies.

Fun Fact: She is a chocolate connoisseur, loves all things chocolate (except chocolate covered cherries - YUCK!), and believes that chocolate makes the world a better place.

Fun Fact #2: As a child, Greta gained the nickname “The Bag Lady” because you could always find her carrying several bags full of stuff. Even today, she is always on the look-out for the “perfect” bag.

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