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The new inclination measuring instrument BlueCLINO is based on the well-proven CLINO2000 and has the following features:

  • Radio transmission, based on Bluetooth technology
  • Large and very easy-to-read color display
  • Various color profiles can be chosen
  • Various display methods such as bar graphs or spirit levels can be chosen
  • All current units can be indicated
  • High precision over the entire measuring range of ±10° and ±60° with integrated temperature compensation
  • The internal software, together with a reversal measurement, a simple zero setting
  • Rugged housing, with prismatic bases made of either aluminum hard anodized or cast iron, nickel plated
  • The base on the right hand side can be used as a measuring base as well
  • Built-in cross vial for easy alignment of the vertical axis in order to avoid “twist errors”
  • The instrument is compatible with the full range of WYLER digital sensors
  • Powered by standard 1.5V batteries, rechargeable batteries or with mains adapter
  • Fulfils the strict CE requirements (immunity against electromagnetic smog)

Can be adjusted to local gravity, 

therewith ensuring the best accuracy at your latitude

  • Options:
         ~ The instrument can be recalibrated with the help of simple calibration tools that are supplied together with the           
           instrument (option). This process is supported by the internal software
         ~ Magnetic inserts in the left hand vertical and bottom horizontal base possible 
         ​~ A fourth measuring base may be attached to the top of the instrument

The inclination measuring instrument BlueCLINO is optionally equipped with an integrated calibration set-up for a quick calibration procedure which enables the calibration without complex means. On the backside of the instrument precisely manufactured and placed holes are available for installing the dowel pins as calibration aids. These pins are part of the delivery and can be inserted into the holes. With the quick calibration method the values at + and - 45° as well as the exact zero value can be adjusted. By this procedure the instrument can be set to a sufficiently high precision for most of the applications.

​See more Details and Specifications by Downloading the Catalog Page Here


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