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Mike provides superior training for our Calibration products onsite and in-house at his Facility. The customer will benefit from Mikes experience.

Michael Wilm

Renishaw, Inc.

We have exclusively used Quality Tech Services for over five years. Mike's equipment is the finest available, they have the accessories required to work efficiently. They understand the meaning of documentation. Both our quality engineers and our customers accept without question the documentation QTS supplies. In short, we highly recommend Quality Tech Services.

Del MacFall

Northrop Grumman, IAS - Milledgeville, Georgia

It was a great experience working with you and your crew!
Glenn Woodford 

PMC-Colinet, Inc. - Division of Ajax Tocco Magnethermic, A Park-Ohio Company

I would like to thank Mike at QTS for coming to Pratt & Whitney in Florida and providing excellent training and support. Mike went above and beyond, giving up his own time to make sure things were done right. Because of the sincerity and commitment QTS showed at our facility, we are recommending to the corporate office that QTS becomes an approved source for laser calibration and training.

Thanks from FLA Mike.

Ted Wieclaw 

Pratt & Whitney Gage Standards - FL

Mike, Thanks for your assistance with the Hexcel project and for your recommendations.  Everyone that worked with you from Jabezco was equally impressed with the work that you did for us.  Even more importantly, Wright Industries and Hexcel were also very complimentary of your work which also reflects positively on us with our clients. 


Jabezco Management

Renishaw Inc has known Michael for many years and we believe him to be a very experienced and accomplished technician in the field of machine tool service and calibration. Over the years we have referred third parties to Michael and have always received very positive reports on his conduct, professionalism, knowledge and abilities.
Over the years, Michael has completed and received certificates from, a number of formal training classes at Renishaw providing him with in-depth instruction in machine metrology and use of laser and ballbar systems.
Michael has also shown himself to be a competent trainer in his own right

and has provided third party training on behalf of Renishaw on a number of occasions.
Clive Warren

Renishaw, Inc.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have known Mike Schraufnagel for close to two years and have found his knowledge of machine tool calibration to be quite extensive. It is great to work with someone who really knows what they are talking about. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Mike and QTS to any of my customers looking for calibration and alignment services. He is truly one of the best.

Rod Hamar

Hamar Laser