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The inclination measuring set BlueSYSTEM SIGMA is a continuous further enhancement of the well known and well established inclination measuring instrument MINILEVEL NT. A BlueSYSTEM SIGMA normally consists of two inclination measuring instruments BlueLEVEL and an indicating unit BlueMETER SIGMA. This we call an ENGINEER SET. Depending on the application, the BlueMETER SIGMA can also be connected to a PC with evaluation software, allowing the on-line evaluation and presentation of the measured values.

The ENGINEER SET is specifically adapted to the needs of the metrology specialist maintaining machine tool components. It is the ideal tool for measuring flatness and machines under workshop conditions. Furthermore, the ENGINEER SET can be used for any levelling task or analysis of rotations.  There is a broad range of applications due to the ability to use differential measurement.

Thanks to its outstanding features and to the special transportation case, the ENGINEER SET can be used in-house or be taken along to customers. As its predecessor, this newest generation of high-precision electronic inclination measuring instruments is specifically suitable for the precision measurement of even the smallest of angles.Applications are therefore in general the levelling of objects, and in particular the measurement of flatness of surface plates or the measurement of the geometry of machine tools.

The sensor itself, the heart of every precision measuring instrument, has been further developed as well, to allow precise measurements even under critical environmental conditions.

The key features of these new series of instruments are:

  • Compact and pleasant design, which is functionally optimized for precision measurement
  • Radio data transmission based on the internationally approved Bluetooth™ Standard
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD display, which can be read from both sides since the handle can be rotated
  • Each instrument has its own specific address allowing the use of several independent systems in the same room without interfering with each other
  • Since each instrument has a built in Infrared receiver, the measurement can be initiated at any instrument
  • There are two sensitivities available:​ 
         ~ BlueLEVEL 0.001mm/m: range ± 20 mm/m
         ~ BlueLEVEL 0.005mm/m: range ± 100 mm/m
  • Linearity according to DIN 2276​
  • Powered by standard 1.5 V batteries size C
  • In compliance with CE regulations and all applicable EMC regulations

See more Details and Specifications by Downloading the Catalog Page Here


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QTS A2LA 17025 Calibration Certificate
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