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The software wylerSPEC is the ideal tool for measuring tasks related to the geometry of objects and machines such as straightness of guideways, flatness of surfaces including, both granite tables as well as machine tables, parallelism of guideways, or squareness of vertical machine elements compared to horizontal parts.

wylerSPEC incorporates the two packages wylerELEMENTS and wylerPROFESSIONAL. While wylerELEMENTS covers the basic applications like straightness and flatness, is wylerPROFESSIONAL suited for more complex applications like the measurement of guideways on machines.

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The software wylerDYNAM is ideal to measure and display inclinations, profiles, etc. of static as well as of moving objects. With wylerDYNAM all sensors and measuring devices of the ZEROTRONIC- and of the BlueSYSTEM- family can be operated. wylerDYNAM samples and analyzes the data of the connected sensors. The user can easily transform the measured values, refer them with each other and display them in various forms.

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