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Measuring Range

±0.5 … ±60°
0.1 … 54 arcsec


High precision and robust digital two-dimensional inclination measurement sensor with automatic reversal measurement

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High precision and robust digital inclination sensor (uniaxial) for indoor and outdoor applications

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Measuring Range

0.2 ... 0.9 arcsec

There is an increasing demand for high-precision inclination sensors to measure the geometry of machines or to monitor machines and objects such as buildings, bridges, or dams over longer periods of time. WYLER AG offers two types of sensors for this purpose:

The ZEROTRONIC digital sensor family features a capactive measuring system and a purely digital signal treatment. Due to its digital bus, it allows an error-free transmission of measurement values over long distances. Furthermore, its special measurement concept allows users to measure dynamically, within certain limits.

WYLER Inclination Measuring Sensors

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